Fins & Things 4×4 Trail

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All vehicles must stay on designated roads and trails.There are no open play areas, campgrounds included. Operation of vehicles off designated roads and trails is a class A misdemeanor punishable by fine, imprisonment and/or forfeiture of vehicle. To report off road travel or vandalism call 435-259-8115. For more information visit Utah OHV laws

Fins and Things is now a one-way trail. It starts 2.0 miles from the Entrance Station, beside campsite ‘E-6’ in the ‘E’ campground. For trailer parking, please park prior to this on the south side of Sand Flats Road 1.4 miles from Entrance Station. OHV’s are permitted on the Sand Flats Road. The trail is marked with metal signs and white symbols painted on the slick rock surface. Due to hazardous terrain, it is recommended only for experienced drivers.

This 1st section between ‘E’ and ‘F’ campgrounds is not recommended for ATV’s. ATV users should pick up the trail on the Sand Flats Road at the Diving Board Rock formation which is 3.7 miles from the entrance station.

Rated a 5 on a scale of 1-10 by the Red Rock Four-Wheelers, the trail is 9.4 miles in length. Please see below for a more detailed mileage log.
  • Mile 0.0   Trailhead, 2 miles from Entrance Station at campground ‘E’ on right; start next to campsite ‘E-6’.
  • Mile 0.0-0.3  Follow white painted markers, trail signs and rock lining, behind ‘E-6’ up slick rock dome to base of a steep, deep sand hill. Go straight here or follow the easier alternate route to your left, marked with white dots. Stay on marked trail.
  • Mile 0.8  Trail drops off fin to right, climbs up again, then drops to the right. Go left here.
  • Mile 1.4  Series of steep drops through a slick rock ravine. No alternate routes here. Stay on the trail.Mile 1.8  Intersection at campground ‘F’.  Go right to base of steep rocky hill, or take easier alternate route to your left. Please be considerate when driving through camp-grounds. Follow signs to ‘H’ campground.
  • Mile 2.4 Campground ‘H’. Toilet on your left, trail goes right.
  • Mile 2.5  Sand Flats Road. Turn right.
  • Mile 3.5 North entrance on left immediately after Diving Board Rock.
  • Mile 3.8  Cattle guard.Mile 4.1 Intersection with Porcupine Jeep Trail; go left.
  • Mile 5.4 Stay straight; spur to overlook on right.
  • Mile 5.6 Bear right; left goes to Radio Tower as part of Porcupine Jeep Trail.
  • Mile 6.1 Stay left at Wilderness Study Area boundary which is closed to all motorized travel.
  • Mile 6.7 Large canyon to right. Nice lunch stop with views of Arches National Park.
  • Mile 7.0 Cross ravine, climb slick rock to your right. Watch for symbols.
  • Mile 7.3-7.4 Climb fin, then hard right at
  • Mile 7.4  Stay on marked route which is almost all slick-rock.
  • Mile 7.7 Left is exit to Main Road (0.5 miles); right continues out on a fin.
  • Mile 8.1 Intersection; stay right. In 0.5 miles, you will cross here again.
  • Mile 8.6 Hard right, then left. Follow symbols on an up and down ride to mile 9.0.
  • Mile 9.0 Continue on trail 0.4 miles to Main Road.
  • Mile 9.4 Sand Flats Road. Right will take you to the Entrance Station and back to Moab.
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Downloadable Maps- Please note for full trail descriptions download the Sand Flats Visitor Guide