Camping Rules & Regulations

Quiet Hours: 10pm to 6am         Dumping: None         Water: None

    • Camp only in designated sites.
    • 10 people, 2 vehicles maximum per site.
    • Park all motorized vehicles in designated parking areas.
    • Fires in metal fire ring only. Bring in your own firewood. Gathering/Cutting is prohibited.
    • Pack it in. Pack it out. A garbage dumpster is located at the Slickrock parking lot.
    • Use toilet facilities.
    • All dogs shall be kept under restraint.
    • No discharging of firearms or fireworks.
    • Campsite checkout time is 11am.
    • Emergencies call 911. For after hour noise  call the Sheriff’s Dispatch at (435) 259-8115.

Place tents in areas provided.  Use tent pads or put tents within rock-lined areas or no more than 30 feet from metal fire ring.  Use provided trails  to go between camp-sites rather than walking through fragile soils and vegetation.

Bring in your own firewood – no wood pallets.  Wood collecting is not permitted.  Campfires must be in metal fire rings.  Do not put rocks, sand or trash in fire rings.  Please use water, not sand, to extinguish fires.

Pack out all trash.  Even the smallest trash will leave the campsite visually unappealing for the next group and maybe for you the next time.  There is a dumpster located at the Slickrock Bike Trail parking lot.  Recyclables can be taken to the Moab Recycling Center conveniently located on the Sand Flats Road at the bottom of the hill.

Toilet Use
Use toilets provided.  Because of lack of rainfall, urine can cause a very unpleasant and lasting odor in your campsite.  Do not put trash in toilets.  Removing trash is expensive.  Use roads and trails for foot access to toilets.

Quiet Hours
Quiet hours are from 10 p.m. to 6 a.m.  Most campers are seeking a quiet night under the stars and not the noise they left behind in the city.  Noise carries in the dry desert air.  The campground loop roads are not training or testing grounds for ATV’s and dirt bikes.  Please limit the use of motorized vehicles.  Keep stereos turned down to a reasonable level.  Avoid shouting.  No generator use from 8pm to 8am.

Washing Dishes
When washing dishes it’s a good idea to have a strainer available.  Food particles will be easier to retain so they can be packed out.  Strained dishwater should be dispersed around camp.  Please don’t dig holes for dishwater.  Unwanted critters (scorpions, red ants, ravens and mice) can be minimized if food is completely packed out.

Hanging food and garbage in a tree is not a good idea because although ground-dwelling creatures can’t reach it, ravens can!  Ravens can and will scatter your garbage, trash your site and eat your food if you’re not careful.  Leaving food in a tent is a bad idea unless you like holes in your tent.  Food and garbage should be left in your vehicle or in a sealed cooler.