Online Real Property Tax Payment Note

Electronic payments can be made using an eCheck (withdrawal from your bank account) or with a debit/credit card.  Onetime eCheck withdrawals are free during tax season (Oct 15th to Dec 15th), the rest of the year Instant Payments charges 49 cents per payment.  Auto Bill Pay and other recurring payments always cost 49 cents per eCheck.  All debit/credit card transactions are charged a 2.5% convenience fee by Instant Payments.  Grand County receives no portion of the fees. 

You will need your parcel number to make a payment through Instant Payments.  It can be found
under "Property Information" near the top of tax bill mailed to you.  You can find a parcel number by searching for the owner's last name in our Tax Information Search

Business personal property taxes must be paid to the

Assessor's Office

by mail or in person and cannot be paid online

Continue to make a quick, onetime, payment - make a payment effective today without setting up a payment account. 

Continue to set up or log into your payment account - schedule onetime or recurring payments for any dates you choose, also allows you to manage multiple parcels.  Auto Bill Pay can be scheduled through this account as well.  

Continue to set up Auto Bill Pay - automatic, recurring, property tax payments on a monthly or annual basis.  If you sign up after Nov 30th, 2017 you will need to schedule a separate payment for 2017 taxes.