Building Permit Process

What Work Requires a Permit?

A building permit is required before you erect, construct, enlarge, alter, repair, move, improve, remove, convert or demolish any building or structure in the City of Moab/ Grand County. Click here to see if you need a permit. The lists are not complete;
please contact our office if you are wanting to plan other projects.

Additionally, ALL work may only be performed by a Utah State Licensed contractor (including work that does not require a building permit). Contractors soliciting for work and/or working in Grand County must possess an active Utah State contractors license and be in compliance with the Utah Construction Trades Licensing Act Rule (R156-55a). Architects and engineers working on commercial designs must also possess a Utah Professional license. Click here to view a list of local Utah State licensed contractors, architects, and engineers.

Certificate of Occupancy for New Construction and/or Change of Occupancy

When the construction or work is completed and the structure is ready to be occupied, a Certificate of Occupancy can be issued. The completed building cannot be used, until a written Certificate of Occupancy has been issued. 

The certificate will only be issued after the inspectors have verified that the work complies with the applicable codes. The Building Inspectors Office may require other inspections to assure compliance with the laws and ordinances of the jurisdiction.

General Requirements and Permitting Process

Click here to download and complete Building Permit Application


Plan Review Process

Approved plan reviews are valid for six months or the beginning of a new code cycle, whichever is sooner, from the approval date. After that time, a new plan review of the project will be required.