Special Event Permit

Planning an event, race, concert, 4x4 event or festival in Moab?  If your event is to be hosted  in Grand County outside of Moab City limits, chances are you'll need a permit.

Please use the links below and fill out the required forms.  You may print the application and mail, email or fax it in (information about where to send it is on the form itself).  Make sure to include a detailed site map when you submit the application.

Overview of the Special Event Permit process: 

1. Read and review the Special Event Permit Guidelines and Instructions (link below) and the Special Event Permit application form (link below). If needed, contact the Special Event Coordinator to discuss your proposed event and determine specific information required (435) 259-1340.

2. Complete and Submit the Special Event Permit application and any additional forms and information required 45 days prior to your event. Applications shall be turned in with a detailed site plan and/or detailed course map before the review process begins. Incomplete applications cannot be processed until all information has been provided. This could cause delays that could result in the denial of the application.

3. A $100.00 non-refundable administrative review fee is due at the time the application is submitted. Applications will not be reviewed by the Committee until the permit fee has been paid. Please make checks payable to Grand County. Grand County also accepts debit and credit cards. Call the County Clerk/Auditor’s Office at (435) 259-1321 to pay by phone.

4. The Special Event Coordinator will circulate the application to other County departments for comments and concerns. The Special Event Coordinator will contact you with any further information or clarifications requested.

5. Once your complete application has been reviewed and all concerns addressed, you will receive a Special Event Permit, at least 5 days in advance of your event. A copy of the permit and all supporting documentation should be kept with event staff at the event as proof of authorization.

Online Permit Application (for a hard copy use the form in Related Documents)

• Special Event Permit Application Online Form