Design Criteria

These are GENERAL CRITERIA for the Grand County region. Specific locations or a change in elevation can cause variations in these criteria.

Utah State Construction C​ode

In accordance with Subsection 15A-1-204(6)(a), and subject to the limitations contained in Subsection 15A-1-204(6)(b), the following codes or standards are hereby incorporated by reference and approved for use and adoption by a compliance agency as the construction standards which may be applied to existing buildings in the regulation of building alteration, remodeling, repair, removal, seismic evaluation, and rehabilitation in the state:
  • 1997 edition of the Uniform Code for the Abatement of Dangerous Buildings (UCADB) promulgated by the International Code Council;
  • 2015 edition of the International Existing Building Code (IEBC), including its appendix chapters, promulgated by the International Code Council;
  • ASCE 31-03, Seismic Evaluation of Existing Buildings, promulgated by the American Society of Civil Engineers;
  • ASCE/SEI 41-06, the Seismic Rehabilitation of Existing Buildings, promulgated by the American Society of Civil Engineers, 2007 edition.

Grand County Design Criteria

  • Roof Snow Load:  Below 5,000 feet = 25 pounds; 5,000 feet and above = 45 pounds
  • Ground Snow Load:  Below 5,000 feet = 36 pounds; 5,000 feet and above = 65 pounds
  • Frost Depth:  Below 5,000 feet = 20 inches; 5,000 feet and above = 30 inches
  • Wind Load:  115 mph exposure C
  • Seismic Zone:  B

For more information regarding Utah State Construction Code

icc-logo-sub  Contact the International Code Council store to purchase your copies of the I-Codes. 

Click here to download sample floor plans that have been approved to use for small houses or accessory dwelling units. 

Plans for proposed sanitary dumping stations must be submitted to the Grand County Building Department and the Southeastern Utah District Health Department for review and approval prior to the construction. 

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