Recorder . . Zigarren Zubehoer
The Grand County Recorder's Office maintains records of property ownership, liens, mining, etc. as well as legal descriptions and plats of property in the county.

Utah Code 17-21-18.5: Fees of County Recorder
General Fees
  • $10 First page of any document
  • $2 Each additional page
  • $1 Each after 2 grantors and 2 grantees listed on the document
  • $1 Each additional description after the first one
  • Military Discharge recorded free of charge
Subdivision Plats
  • $30 Each sheet
  • $1 Each lot or unit designation
  • $1 Each signer after the first two
Real Estate Settlement and Procedure Act "RESPA"
  • $14 Each deed
  • $40 Each deed of trust
  • $14 Each assignment of deed of trust when recorded concurrently with assigned Deed of Trust
Certification of Recorded Document
  • $5.00 Certification
  • $1.00 Each additional page
  • $10.00 Each federal tax lien, release or withdrawal of filed notice of federal tax lien after release
Fees for Miscellaneous Services
  • $0.25 Each copy that you make
  • $0.50 Each copy that we make for you
  • $1 Each copy that is mailed, faxed or emailed
  • $1 Each 18-by-18 copy that is picked up at office
  • $3 Each 24-by-36 copy that is picked up at office
  • $2 Additional fee if mailed