The Assessor's function is to assess all real property, personal property, and mobile homes at current fair market value.

  • Assesses all personal and real property in Grand County.
  • Sees to it that market values are set as close to fair market value as possible, which includes extensive research of real estate values and sales transactions to set the values.
  • Sales ratio study is completed every year to ensure that market values are kept in line with what is happening in the market, sometimes resulting in the increase of market values throughout the county.
  • Establishes and assessment roll and sees that they are regularly and updated (at least annually) to establish a market value.
  • Sets up appointments for the local Board of Equalization (BOE), giving tax payers in Grand County the right to appeal the market value on their property if they do not feel that it is being assessed fairly. You cannot appeal taxes, only the total market value of your property. Tax payers must make an appointment for the BOE as soon as they receive their first property assessment, which comes out sometime in July, and have no later than September 15 to appeal to the BOE. For more information please contact our office at 435‐259‐1329.
  • Offers services in the Motor Vehicle Department include entering, collecting and releasing state impounds for driving under the influences (DUIs), expired registrations, insurance violations, and other impound reasons.
  • Delivers, bills, and collects all business personal property, as well as mobile homes, airplane hangars, and businesses.
  • Registers, titles and issues plates or decals on all vehicles, all-terrain vehicles (ATVs), planes, boats, and trailers for Grand and other counties throughout the state.
  • Strives to keep spending within our county budget. We also try to keep the public informed and educated of changes in the laws and also any changes in their valuation.
  • Organizes and visits all new construction permit sites, which may include taking photos, creating floor plans and maintaining property files for creating a valuation through an appraisal program and then entered into the tax roll.
  • Completes 5-year appraisal areas. Each year the Assessor’s Office completes an appraisal of every property in the tax district specified in the 5-year plan. This includes a visit to all properties, collection of data on any new structures, and new photographs to be put into the property file cards that are maintained in our office. Then a re‐evaluation to assure that properties are being assessed correctly.
  • Finds out what the public needs and helping to assure that those needs are met is what we want to accomplish in Grand County.
  • Requires, in cooperation with the State Tax Commission and Division of Real Estate, all employees to become licensed appraisers. Currently we have 2 Licensed Appraisers and 1 Trainee Appraiser in our office.
  • Provides customer service, which is one area that we take pride in doing well. We appreciate all comments and/or suggestions from the public.
  • Provides staff that is professionally trained to perform motor vehicle transactions and also appraisal procedures in the office.